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Community First This 4th of July

Good, Clean, Summer Fun

Who doesn’t love summer? Since we get so much cold weather in our area, it makes sense to celebrate the sunshine whenever possible. Take a look at all the great events happening in our surrounding communities - there are so many choices it can make your head spin. As you go out and enjoy all that fun this summer, remember to also take care of the environment and leave it debris-free...especially over the 4th of July.

Consider a few simple tips as you plan your outings:

  1. Handle fireworks with care, including disposal of the end products. You may be able to recycle plastic parts used in some fireworks (especially rockets) then throw away the spent pieces.

  2. Bring along an extra garbage bag (or two) to pick up leftover waste – wrappers from parade candy, cigarette butts, paper plates and anything else that can’t be recycled. Remember - If you collect aluminum cans off the ground, it is money in the bank when turned in for recycling!

  3. Bring your own water bottle to reduce a trash footprint – there are drinking fountains located around downtown Albert Lea for a quick refill. *One drinking fountain is located at the corner of S. Broadway and Water Street and another is located on Fountain Street in front of Mayo Health Systems.

  4. Look around the area before you leave, just to make sure nothing was left behind.

Picking up garbage and gathering recyclable items keeps waste out of the lakes, too. Take time to keep the lakes clean for future fun and enjoyment – it is a wonderful way to show kids that our communities are special and must be maintained, so get them involved early. Be See-Stainable all year long!

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