We Bring It All Together



Branding & Positioning

A new project development in a rural location is sure to create a buzz. When do we inform the community? How do we get information to those that need it? How do we garner the support of influencers? Good Steward Consulting is well versed in the art of understanding communities in rural America - the target market for your project.

From strategic branding, to social media management, we've got you covered. We provide a full suite of marketing offerings, including: project names, logos, swag, perfectly crafted project handouts, and more. Our talented team provides an unparalleled blend of print and digital design to help inform landowners/communities and inspire excitement.


Public Relations

Connecting People & Information

We communicate effectively with rural residents. Whether at a farm table, at a small town diner, in a packed township hall meeting, or via phone - we speak the right language and get your message across in a warm and familiar tone.

Give us the project information, complex and detailed, and watch as we transform your project from 'big city slicker stuff' to simple, understandable, excitable, and great for rural areas.



Local Support Curation & Management

Local citizens want your development to be successful.  Landowners and farmers appreciate the income injections; counties, townships, villages, and towns want the positive economic impacts and commerce opportunities. However, silent support is typically most common. Our team cultivates local supporters through proven methods. 

We know having a strong group of engaged, local supporters drives project success. With opposition growing, it's important that your projects have true and meaningful support. It is time to rise above the traditional 'good enough' level of a few hundred signatures or supporter cards that show mass, but not substance. Our homegrown, passionate team will cultivate true supporters and manage their engagement for truly meaningful impact.


Event Planning

Strategy, Staffing & Management

We work with you to recognize the event needs of each project and develop a strategic plan for in-person group outreach - both required by our proven process and offered by choice.


Allow our team to organize an event of the right stature for your event purpose. Large-scale formal events and small supporter meetings are handled with the same great care... we believe both are equally valuable to project success and project (brand) positioning.


We handle site selection, catering arrangements, invitations, follow-ups/RSVPs, set up, staffing, audio/visual needs, thank you notes, and reporting. All done in-house by our skilled team.