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It's All Here

It's All Here

Freeborn County, located in south central MN, has a rich history of 'can do' and 'make do' attitudes. My grandpa used to patch the cabin roof with old license plates from the garage. My siblings made fun of his thrifty ways, but I have new appreciation of his 'make do with what you have' attitude. I don't think you will catch me patching my roof with spare parts, but I strongly believe in recycling, reusing, up-cycling and doing whatever else ties into sustainability for the environment.

Over the next year we will be exploring the surrounding areas and sharing examples of how others embrace sustainability in Social, Environmental and Economic (SEE) ways. Some will be small and simple, while others operate on a larger, even corporate, scale. It is amazing how one small thing can have a lasting effect on this beautiful area we call home, and it only takes that first step and some "can do' to get started.



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