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Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I'd like to personally welcome you to the Good Steward Consulting website (relaunched for the new year - some may say version 2.0). GSC was established in April, 2016 when I sold my half of a blossoming marketing company to re-dedicate myself to Good Stewardship in business. Working with small- and mid-size companies, I assisted leadership teams with their business planning, commitment, and growth goals. This chapter of GSC was very rewarding, but during this time I also began working with a renewable energy development company to assist with their rural communication outreach. It was immediately apparent to me that the industry had a large, gaping hole in this service area. And equally as apparent to me: I was in love with the challenge. As a proud rural Minnesota resident living (at the time) on the edge of the Bent Tree Wind Farm near Hartland, I had seen the benefits of renewable energy development and I was very frustrated with the mis-information being spread by local NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) groups. As such, a shift began at GSC.

We have evolved over the past year to accommodate an ever-increasing need for peer-to-peer communication artists in rural development areas. We began 2017 with one full-time employee and a handful of professional contracted employees. Quickly, in the Spring, those contractors became full-time employees and soon thereafter, more were added. We rounded out the year with 13 Good Stewards in four offices across Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.



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